Japan Day
Sunday, April 15, 2018

We are celebrating Japanese language and culture at “Japan Day” on April 15, 2018, uniting Japan Club’s annual event J-Night and Sunday Fun-Day of Festival of Art. At 10:00 am, we begin the Japan Day. There are a number of hands-on activities (e.g., origami, kendama, etc.). Then, Sac State Japan Club will host stage performances from 10:45am. The stage performances include Taiko drumming, traditional bon dance and modern fun dances, martial art performances. In addition, Spanish club joins this year and Spanish Mariachi Band will perform at 12-1pm. There are more events - see Sunday Fun-Day website

Campus map: http://www.csus.edu/campusmap/

SUNDAY FUNDAY Parking FREE => Free Parking

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2018 Flyer2018 scheduleClick HERE to download PDF file
One change: Theme song - 100%ゆうき


10:45 am OPENING - Welcome
10:50 am Dance for everyone: Let's dance "Koi Dance" led by XXX. Practice before coming to the event!
11:00 am Let's sing together: 「カナリア」Kanaria” by Yuzu - Practice before coming to the event!
11:15 am Shouting Contest
1:15 - Koyasan Spirit of Children Taiko
1:45 - Iaido Enbu Performance by Greve sensei
2:15 - Japanese Bon Dance by Hokka Minyo Tanoshimi Kai
3:00 - Jiu jitsu by Eliot sensei and others
3:20 Soran Bushi by CSUS Japan Club
3:30 Closing and Thank you

HANDS-ON Educational Activities at the Library Quad

Table 1: Japanese Food Table
Table 2: Information Table
Table 3: Information Table
Table 4: Card making TableKiuchi sensei from Elk Grove HS
Table 5: Chopsticks Table
Table 6: Hanafuda Table– David Matthews

What is Hanafuda? http://www.pagat.com/class/flower.html

Table 7: Wakamatsu Farm– American River Conservancy
Table 8: McClatchy High School
Table 9: Kendama Table
Table 10: Origami Table
Table 11: Seasonal Table: Spring
Table 12: Tongue Twister Table - Ito sensei
Table 13: Calligraphy Table– Sugano Sensei
Table 14: Japan Club Information Table
Table 15: Seasonal Table: Fall 秋 あき 
Table 16: Iaido TableGreve Sensei
Table 17: Matsuyama Sister City TableGloria Esepjo
Table 18: Sakura Gakuen Table – Igawa Sensei
Table 19: Cosplay BoothAnime/Manga Society
Table 20: Anime/Manga Society Table
Table 21: Anime/Manga Society Table
Table 22: Seasonal Table: Summer 夏 なつ  Cerise and Riho
Table 23: Japanese Conversation Table Hiroko Miller
Table 24: Nigaoe Portrait Jasmine Drake
Table 25: Nigaoe PortraitJessica Williams
Table 26: Seasonal Table: Winter 冬 ふゆ 
Table 27: Ohajiki Table – Miskow Sensei What is Ohajiki? (Click the link)
Table 28: Kimono Photo Booth – Miskow Sensei & Rose

Matthew Abraham, Japan Club President
Lindsey Kieffer, Co-VP Japan Club Event Coordinator
Michael Hoang, Event Coordinator
Cerise Mei Jackson,Co-VP Japan Club
David Matthew, Treasure
Kristina Vassil, Professor and J-Club adviser, Sac State (vassil@csus.edu)
Kazue Masuyama, Professor and J-Club adviser, Sac State (masuyama@csus.edu)

Join Japan Club!https://www.facebook.com/groups/150411051997/

Thank you for the following organizations:
College of Arts and Letters
Associated Student Inc. at Sacramento State for providing the funds for this event

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