Japan Day in 2014 was a big success!

(By Kazue Masuyama)

What a day! The outdoor event attracted a large number of people this year (Sunday, April 13, 2014).

Please see 671 photos (uploaded by Mr. Matthew Miranda)

Can you find you or your friends?


I am very thankful to all presenters, information booth people, and event participants. This year we celebrated “Japan Day”, uniting Japan Club’s annual event J-Night and Family Sunday Funday of the Festival of Art. At 11-2pm, a group of Japanese language teachers in the Sacramento Region led a number of activities such as singing, dancing, quizzes and games. Then, Sac State Japan Club hosted outdoor stage performances at 2-4pm.

You may not know, but we have a large concentration of the Japanese language program in the Great Sacramento region (Please see http://www.csus.edu/indiv/m/masuyama/Community/Japanesek_12.htm). Japanese language teachers regular meet and discuss how we can help students learn Japanese better. We are always learning from each other. I am very pleased that they joined this year’s event. They were great activity hosts! Their students also joined activities actively, too (They did very well in Japan Quiz, Cosplay, Kendama performances, etc…!!!)

This is the sixth year of this event for J-Club. I am simply impressed with how hard J-club officers, J-club members, Japanese language teachers, and Japanese language students have worked together to put this day. I am very happy to see what people with a variety of backgrounds and expertise have come together and accomplished with this event. My special thanks go to the following people who demonstrated strong leadership for Japan Day event.

Ms. Lilian Diep, J-Club President (2014-2015)
Mr. Josh Narava, Adviser to the President and J-Club President (2013-2014)
Ms. Naoko McHale, Teacher Leader

I would also like to thank Dean Edward Inch who created the “Family Sunday Funday” event in the Festivals of Art week. Mr. Jason Alviar, the event coordinator, has been very helpful to secure event location, tables, chairs! Thank you very much for helping us.

We also had a number of administrators, faculty and staff members from our campus: Associate Dean Kimo Ah Yun and his family, Chair Bernice Bass de Martinez, Prof. Charles Gossett, Prof. Prof. Pattaratorn Chirapravati, Prof. Eun Mi Cho, Prof. Greg Kim-Ju, Prof. Reiko Komiyama, Prof. Laurette Suter and more. Professor Kumagai provided us with technical assistance on how to measure the volume of voices for the Shouting Contest - thank you very much. We are also very please to have Ms. Ozawa, the Japanese Educational Specialist, from the Consulate General of Japan who came from San Francisco. We truly appreciate you all coming to this event.

Again, thank you very much for taking a part on Japan Day in 2014.

P.S. The stage performances get better every year. I enjoyed all events and performances – the fashion show was a true delight! I recommend everyone to check fashion show photos and/or video! Emynee-san, I don’t know how you put together J-Fashion Show for 2 years in row. It is stunning – please send my best regards to the fashion designers! Well, however, I still liked CSUS Soran Bushi the best… (yes, I am pretty biased). Their dance is a really entertaining – at the same time, it is sincere. I know they practiced throughout the semester and they really did an amazing job.

I have too many people to thank

I listed the names here.


< Teacher Led Activities: 11am – 2pm>
Japan Day Teacher Committee and Helper (alphabetical order)
Allison Fiskum (MC for Teacher Activities)
Junko Hosoi
Hiromi Hurtado
Junko Ito
Makiko Kaneko
Atsuko Kiuchi
Yoko Kato
Miko Kumagai
Lee Brian (event assistant)
Naoko Sugano McHale
(Kazue Masuyama)

11:00 am Library Quad

11:30 am Green Area – Library Quad by Ryu (Masako) Sensei
  • Preliminary Contest Ultra Quiz (Quiz on Japan - geography, history, culture, society, etc.
  • Final Contest Ultra Quiz Congratulations on winners (1st, 2nd, & 3rd)!

1:00 am Library Quad by Kumagai (Miko) sensei and me
  • Shouting Contest (How loud you can say Japanese phrases!) Congratulations on winners (1st, 2nd, & 3rd)!

1:30 am Library Quad
  • Kendama Finalist Contest by McHale (Naoko) Sensei
  • Tongue Twister Finalist Contest by Ito (Junko) Sensei and Watanabe (Moeko) Sensei
  • Group Singing & Group Dancing by Kumagai Sensei & Kiuchi Sensei

< J-Club Led Activities: 2 - 4 pm >
Japan Club Officers
Lilian Diep
Josh Navarra
Kenneth Mercado
Roy Trublood (MC, Performance@2-4pm)
Emynee Carter

Kendall Stark (MC, Performance@2-4pm)
Christopher Thao (Music & AP system @2-4pm)

America and Japan's National Anthems
2:00pm- Jason Pano (Amazing voice, thank you for driving from Southern California!)

2:05 pm - Lilian Diep (one of the most hard-working individuals that I know)

2nd Annual Lolita Fashion Show
2: 15 pm - Emynee Carter w I Hill Tribe Fusion & Juicy Sweets (IMPECCABLE in everything she does)

Cosplay Contest
2:30pm - Emynee Carter (simply AMAZING!)
Please see Japan Day 2014 - Fashion Show and Cosplay Contest (18:15)

Ferocious Winds
2:45 pm - CSUS Martial Arts Club (A truly entertaining with a full of humor !!!)

Shiogama Jinku & Tanko Bushi I Japanese Bon Dance
2:50pm - Hokka Minyo TanoshimfKai (My sincere appreciate to Hokka Minyoo Tanoshimi kai because they have been participating in our event every year since 2009. Their dances are delightful and enjoyable.

Aikido Demonstration
3: 10 pm - Aikido Dojo (Very educational – please teach us more! Jeremy-san, thank you for everything!)

Diablo Performance
3: 15 pm - Makarand Nadendla (REALLY entertaining with great personality)

Music: Itsuka no Merikurisumasu and Sangatsu Kokonoka
3:25 pm – Shiki (Such calming songs with beautiful voices and instrument playing!)

Sakura Sakura Dance
3:40pm- Sakura Joshi-JCC from Laguna Creek High School (So cute - CHO Kawaii - and graceful with fan and kimono!

Iaido Performance Iaijutsu
3:45 pm - Dianna Lynne, Nippon Budo Kai (A very refined and dignifying performance)

Please see Japan Day 2014 - Iaido Performance Iaijutsu (7:22)

Rimokon Dance
3:50pm- Davis High School Japanese Club (Such an entertaining and cute dance moves! Nice choreography!)

Soran Bushi Dance
4:00pm- CSUS Japan Club (Yes, I am biased but this is my favorite.)
Please Japan Day 2014 - Soran Bushi (5:44)

< Information Table Organizers: 11 - 2 pm >

Chopstick Table by Kiuchi Sensei

Tongue Twister by Ito Sensei & Watanabe Sensei

Information table on the University of California, Davis by Koyama Sensei

Traditional Japanese Games - McHale Sensei

Calligraphy Name Writing

Origami by Kato Sensei & Austin Takechi

Japanese Celebrity by Michaela Erwin

Japanese Game Show by Jerry Chan & Sanh Lui

Japanese Music by Gabriel Schlafer

Anime by Kou Vue

Manga by Jason Bowman

Cosplay by Katrina Giroux-Combs

Japanese Food by Celeste Winterton & Belina Kim

Gold Fish by Sandy Tieu and Josh Navarra

Nerf Activities by Julien Tran

Aikido Demonstration by Aikido & Healing Arts of Roseville

Keep Smiling Project by Dillon Scheive and Mitul Bhakta
http:/ /www.keepsmilingproject38.com

Members, and Helpers

Vero Almanza
Kelsy Bisig
Abeje Blackburn
Matthew Brady
Jerome J Calabiao
Rojie Jasareno Calabiao
Rick Cea
Quince Chen
Michael Constantinou
Timothy Federle
Alex Few
Jasmine Flores
Gavin Fuller
Ricardo Garcia
Jonah De Guzman
Joseph De Guzman
Brent Hayes
Tracy Ho
Risa Horiuchi
Alyse Kinoshita
Shannon Kumar
Metrey Keo
LCHS Student Volunteers
Shen Low
Derrin Martin
Aldrinne Merluza
Jessica Musgrove
Rouel Nepomuceno
Timothy Nguyen
Eri Okuda
Morgan Potter
Karen Pham
Siethasay Rasynouvong
Aimee Rush
Chai Saetern
Gabriel Schlaefer
Austin Sobon
Jacqueline Storey
Timothy Vang
Ryan Waddle
Saki Watanabe
Javara Wilburn
Erika Wu
Kazouapa Yang
Mai Yang
Siyu Yan

Written by Kazue Masuyama

(Please email me if you have comments/corrections/suggestions)