Japan Day 2017

Come to 早口言葉(はやくちことば hayakuchi kotoba) - Tongue Twister Table.
Run by Ito sensei and Watanabe sensei, UC Davis

Practice the followings. If you pass Level 1, move on to Level 2. Then, try Level 3.

If you get to Level 3, you will be invited to the finalist competition on the stage. Please come to see the final performance at 1:30 pm.


Level 1: 赤パジャマ黄パジャマ茶パジャマ
(You will repeat thee times)

Those who master the tongue twister will receive a pin.

Level 2:坊主が屏風に上手に坊主の絵を書いた

Level 3: どじょうにょろにょろ みにょろにょろ あわせてにょろにょろ むにょろにょろ

Those who pass Level 3 will be on stage.
The finalists will receive a prize!